Frequently asked Questions about ERx

This platform is a collaboration with Northwestern University's Department of Computer Science

ERx is connecting supply and demand across organizations in response to the current COVID-19 outbreak.  

Use your work email to register for an account in order to:

  • Procure or request needed emergency supplies

  • Sell or donate emergency supplies you have available

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Emergency Resource Exchange (ERx) is an adaption of Rheaply’s Asset Exchange Manager (AxM) designed specifically for the COVID-19 crisis. It is an online marketplace that allows users to post available supplies or make requests for supplies that are needed. In-app messaging allows users to connect based on what supplies have been posted or requests have been made. The purpose of ERx is to connect supply and demand across organizations in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The platform seeks to increase visibility of shortages and availability of supplies/equipment, as well as increase efficiency of connecting those people and organizations. The platform is not intended for public or personal use.

ERx has been created out of a collaboration with the Cognition, Creativity, and Communication Lab (C3) in Northwestern University’s Department of Computer Science. The lab is led by Professor Kristian Hammond, who is the Bill and Cathy Osborn Professor of Computer Science. The lab builds innovative machine learning and natural language processing platforms that advance artificial intelligence into new application realms, and explores the impact of computer science and artificial intelligence in all aspects of society, ethics and human experience. The C3 Lab is working on AI projects within the judicial system, education and human health and safety, including the COVID-19 Resource Map. The COVID-19 Resource Map creates data visualizations built from publicly available data sources on the pandemic, as well as the ERx platform database of resource needs and availability,  in order to give the public an understanding of the evolving nature of the pandemic’s path through the United States. It will provide a window onto data associated with the pandemic at the national level and the health care resource needs (starting within Illinois).

1. What is ERx and what is its purpose?

The users who will have access to ERx will be invited to the platform, by Rheaply, by an administrator at an approved organization, or by another user within their organization. We are inviting only trusted organizations on to the platform. Each user will go through a verification process after registering and before they login to the platform. For more on the verification process see “I just got verified, how do I create an account”.

2. Who has access to the platform?

On ERx, you have the ability to post and search by category, including medical supplies, medical equipment, and research items. Medical supplies may include PPE items (masks, gowns, gloves, etc), testing consumables (swabs, tubes & media, RT-PCR reagents & kits, etc), and sanitation items. Medical equipment includes ventilators, ventilator components, airway resuscitator bags (ambu bags), and vitals monitoring equipment. Lab research items include consumables, sample analytics, and lab equipment. An abbreviated list of the resources needed most by healthcare workers can be found here.

8.  I need supplies. How do I find and obtain items using ERx?

12. How do I coordinate the logistics of moving an item?

ERx provides in-app messaging so users can coordinate the pickup or drop off of supplies. We are in the process of trying to connect with some logistics/moving companies to ease this burden on users but this is not currently available on the platform. 

 COVID-19 Emergency Resource Exchange (ERx)

3. What if I already have an  account with Rheaply's Asset Exchange Manager (AxM)?

For users who already have an existing AxM account, they will need to go through the same registration and verification process as brand new users. Once you have gone through the verification process, you will need to create a brand new account, including a new password that is unique to ERx. These are two separate platforms and your AxM account will not give you access to ERx.

4. How does the verification process work?

Once users have gone through the registration process, their email and organization will be vetted by the Rheaply team to ensure legitimacy. We will check to make sure all organizations are real, trustworthy, and make sense to join the platform. We check user emails to see if they match the organization they belong to. If we cannot determine how an organization would fit into ERx or need information on a user’s role, we will email the user asking for more information. Once all the information has been reviewed, Rheaply will inform users if they have access to the platform or not.

5. What are the terms to using the platform?

Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Getting started with ERx

6. I  just got verified. How do I create an account?

Once your account has been verified, you’ll receive an email that provides you with a link to login to ERx. After you click the link you’ll be prompted to create a password for your account. Once your password has been created, click Log In and you’ll be taken to the homescreen of the platform. All of your information (name, organization, and role) will be pre-filled based on your registration form. Once you are logged in, you’re all set! Your ERx account has been created.

7. I have supplies. How do I use ERx?

If you have supplies you wish to donate or sell, you will need to create listings for other users to see your available items. Once you have created an account and logged in, you’ll see links to Create Donation or Create Listing for Sale. Click the appropriate link depending on what you wish to do. Users will make offers on your items depending on their needs.

You will also be able to look through requests that users have made. If someone is requesting an item that you have, you’ll be able to message them and coordinate an exchange.

As a supplier, you will also be asked to provide and coordinate logistics to get items to the users who need them. See Resource Exchange Logistics below for more information.

As someone in need of supplies, you’ll need to make requests for items you need, as well as make offers on listings of items that other users have available. Once you have created an account and logged in, you’ll have the ability to make requests. This will allow other users to see what you need to most and message you directly from a request.

You will also be able to look through listings to see what users have posted that they have available. You can make an offer on items that you need. The in-app messaging also allows you to message users about certain items and ask questions before you make an offer.

9. What kind of supplies can I find or post on ERx?

10. Are the supplies listed on ERx free?

Supplies listed on ERx can be for sale or for donation, depending on the choice of the supplier. Users can use the in-app messaging system to ask the listing owner about an item’s price.

11. How will payment be handled?

We encourage anyone using Rheaply to sell parts, materials or other resources to ERx to indicate payment method preferences within the description field of the Listing itself, or coordinate via our in-app messaging system. ERx currently does not support payment processing.

Resource Exchange Logistics & Support

13. Who can I reach out to if I need help?

If you are experiencing any issues with the platform, ERx is set up with a live chat that is connected to Rheaply representatives. If you have any questions about the platform, please reach out to We will get back to you as soon as we can.

14. What do I do if I am moving a large quantity of items?

If you are trying to coordinate the delivery of a larger item or a large number of items, please contact Rheaply’s team via the chat window on the platform or Our team will work to connect you with the appropriate logistics partners who will be able to assist in larger supply deliveries