Technology for COVID-19 resource exchange 

Emergency Resource Exchange (ERx), in coordination with Northwestern University's Department of Computer Science.


Organizations with resources that are urgently needed at local hospitals and research centers.

Local government branches to help coordinate exchanges between businesses and hospitals.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic is making demands on all aspects of our lives and is placing unprecedented pressure on the health care system, causing shortages in medical equipment, parts and materials. Rheaply, in collaboration with Northwestern University's Department of Computer Science, is adapting and opening our technology FOR FREE to ensure first responders and healthcare professionals get access to critical medical supplies and PPE.

Tied to ERx is the COVID-19 Resource Map, which provides a visualization of the data associated with the pandemic at the national level as well as the resource needs within Illinois.



Hospital and medical professionals that can easily locate and request items.

Research Centers

Share and rent underutilized equipment & donate/exchange resources + supplies for research.

Rheaply's ERx is in coordination with:

Technology built for a circular economy

Rheaply's ERx platform enables a circular sharing network where nearby organizations can exchange resources in shortage due to COVID-19. Rheaply is an all-in-one application, accessible on any device or desktop, and used by world-leading organizations.

Resource efficiency —and transparency

Operational efficiency is being tested now more than ever, with COVID-19 accelerating the transition to a circular economy. Rheaply's ERx brings resource discoverability & exchange, in-app messaging, and sustainability metrics together in a regulated environment.

Our journey

One of our cornerstone company values at Rheaply is to be helpful. In 2016, we built our Asset Exchange Manager (AxM) to address government budget cuts for resources during a funding crisis in research, our way of helping researchers discover and share precious laboratory treasures before they went to waste. Four years later, we face a new crisis with COVID-19 that many scientists predicted might happen, but never did we foresee it arriving in the widespread and swift fashion as it did.

Today, we are committed towards using our asset management technology to help organizations find and discover resources internally, locally, and nationwide, so that materials and supplies suitable for fighting the pandemic can be secured without resorting to makeshift alternatives.

How do I get started with Rheaply's ERx ?

Our fight for research

Register and tell us about the organization you're with & your role in the resource exchange (procuring supplies or donating resources).

Are you in need of equipment & supplies? Do you own available equipment & resources? Post it directly to the Rheaply platform.

Create a Request or Listing

Manage the Exchange


An in-app messaging and notification system facilitates the coordination of offer acceptance, equipment pickup/drop-off, and communication between organizations.

Who should use Rheaply's Emergency Resource Exchange?